Tipperary Crystal

Tipperary Crystal is a market leader in high-end design and excellent quality, creating contemporary and classical collections in Irish Crystal. Established 28 years ago by master craftsmen Joe Foley and John Meagher, the company has become recognised for its uncompromising commitment to superb design and high quality product and has pioneered a winning strategy of innovation through design.

The heritage of Irish crystal making dates back to the mid 18th century when the Penrose brothers set up their crystal factory in Waterford in southern Ireland. The same techniques that were used then are still used today to create beautiful treasures to be cherished and admired. These specialist skills and techniques have been passed down through generations and are still utilised by our modern day master craftsmen who are responsible for the production of these luxurious crystal products.

Tipperary Crystal works with renowned crystal Designers and the finest Master Blowers and Cutters in the world. Modern and classical designs are brought to reality by these highly skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques. The product range includes exquisitely designed and handcrafted pieces that bring a sense of luxurious elegance to both traditional and contemporary settings.

Tipperary Crystal is quickly becoming a global brand. Recognition as an innovative leader in design and quality has led to worldwide demand. Tipperary Crystal was the first Irish crystal company to recognise the potential of combining contemporary design with the ancient craft of crystal making when it collaborated with fashion icon Sybil Connolly on an exclusive collection for Tiffanys in the early 1990s. That innovative and pioneering spirit is still very much a part of what we do today.

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